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About Andrew S. Lee
I was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1966, the year the legendary Baltimore Orioles won their first World Series, which from birth impressed upon me a love for the game of baseball that continues today. 
Growing up in Baltimore where my parents still live, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer around the age of 8.  My grandfather lived very close to the Baltimore City Courthouse and being a retired teacher, he took great pleasure in the intellectual aspect of the law and enjoyed watching trials.  A very vibrant and friendly fellow, many attorneys, judges, and court personnel knew him well and allowed him open access to the daily practice of law as it evolved in the courtrooms, hallways, and chambers of the Courthouse.
On my summer vacations from school, I would spend the days with him as he made his daily treks to the Courthouse.  I vividly remember the feeling of watching attorneys skillfully advocate for their clients;  persuasive arguments made to juries, prudent settlements made in hallways, and the wisdom and learned experience of judges who understood the impact of their decisions on the lives of the parties involved.
This led me to begin my determined and decided career plan to be a lawyer at a very young age, that led me to be on the debate team in high school, a political science major at Indiana University, and a full scholarship to Loyola Marymount Law School in Los Angeles where I graduated with a Juris Doctor law degree in 1991.
After a brief stint at Arthur Andersen where I initially thought the practice of tax law would be fun, I came to my senses and returned to Maryland to work as a litigation associate for the law firm of Azrael, Gann & Franz, LLP.  As a young lawyer, I was given the privilege very early in my career of being directly responsible for all facets of trial for my clients from initial client consultation through trial.  And, within my first two years of practice had already litigated many trials, including a $625,000.00 jury verdict for a 10 and 8 year old brother and sister who had suffered personal injuries in an automobile accident for which the insurance company was attempting to deny coverage and refused to properly compensate my young clients for their injuries, and in yet another case, I successfully defended a bus company with over 100 employees which had been sued by a fired employee who alleged that she had been terminated without cause, but rather on the basis of racial discrimination, whereby I was able to convince the Federal Court judge through cross examination of the plaintiff and her witnesses that her case was  without merit and a directed verdict in favor of my client was  awarded at the end of the plaintiff's case.
I continued to practice law with Azrael, Gann & Franz until 1998, when I was offered a job as Vice President of Corporate Affairs and General Counsel fo the toy company Balzac, Inc. with its main office in Manhattan, New York.  I had represented the company in a favorable contract negotiation, and was offered the corporate position and the opportunity to live and work in New York City.
In 2000, I moved to Florida to start a new life in a warmer climate that would allow year-round use of flip-flops.  I initially worked for Smith Barney as a financial advisor, and then in 2003 opened my own real estate title company under the name of Heritage Title & Escrow, LLC.
As the state of Florida does not offer reciprocity to attorneys licensed to practice law in other states and did not recognize my law licenses for Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, I did not decide to endure the pain of having to study and sit for yet another State bar exam until July, 2006 when I took and passed the Florida Bar on my first test which was quite an accomplishment for which I am very proud of, as this "old dog" had to once again refill his brain with all of the law school rules and information that I had already discharged and did not need to use in my up to then 15 years of law practice.
My current practice involves real estate title work and closings with The Fund and Old Republic Title Insurance Company and the representation of legal clients in many different matters ranging from the creation of Wills and Trusts, probate administration, pursuing personal injury claims for plaintiffs, foreclosure defense, evictions, and real estate contracts.
I am admitted to practice law in all Florida State courts as well as Federal Courts in the Southern District of Florida.  If I can be of service to you, your family, and/or your business, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Andrew S. Lee