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Real Estate
   Our Real Estate law practice is extensive and compliments the work we do for our Title company clients.  If you are a client you receive the benefit of having that work performed by a real estate attorney as part of the normal title fees and there are no additional or extra attorneys fees charged. 
Some Real Estate deals require more experience and legal analysis than a standard real estate closing as it may have more complex issues that need to be addressed.  In these situations, we will personally discuss these issues with you, and any additional attorneys fees associated with it, before we begin any such work.
Examples of such work include short sales, loan modifications, extensive contract negotiation, review, and/or modification or changes, foreclosure defense, evictions, drafting of real estate purchase contracts and leases, quit claim deeds, powers of attorney, trust certifications, corporate resolutions, escrow disputes and interpleader actions, real estate holding company formations and ancillary probate proceedings for real property.
Probate Administration
   Being an Executor or Personal Representative of the Estate of a family member or dear friend can be an overwhelming and stressful responsibility.  We help provide the assistance and direction you need to successfully navigate your way through the probate process from the filing of the initial probate petition to the final disbursements of probate property and the wrapping up of an Estate.
For out-of-state Executors or Personal Representatives, we also provide filing and representation services for ancillary probate administrations of property owned in Florida by a decedent who's principal residence is in another state that is administering the domiciliary probate proceeding. 
Estate Planning
   AARP and other organizations reveal the startling fact that more than 50% of Americans that should have a Will don't, and more than 75% of Americans don't have a Living Will that sets forth their wishes as to whether or not they wish their doctor or medical providers to provide life support devices to them if they are incapacitated in a vegetative state or unconscious and terminally ill, nor Powers of Attorney that would name a trusted person to make healthcare and financial decisions for them if they were unable to do so for themselves.  If you are on the majority side of these statistics, you need to prepare your Estate Plan today.
Estate Planning is about making personal decisions as to the distribution of your property when you pass as well as providing security and direction to those that you love.  By preparing your Estate Plan you are able to achieve personal peace of mind in knowing that you have done everything you can to provide for your family and your thoughtful foresight is a gift to loved ones that extends beyond your lifetime.
Without a Will and the other Estate planning documents, you leave important personal decisions up to state laws and judges that are forced to impose judgments on you that may not be what you may have intended.  The Terri Schiavo case and the Anna Nicole Smith case provide sad but telling lessons of the emotionally and financially painful consequences left on the surviving families due to the absence of proper planning and the preparation of Estate Planning documents that would have provided their wishes and direction.
Schedule an Estate Planning meeting with us so that we may discuss with you how you can prepare your own personal Estate Plan.
Personal Injury
   Being injured in an accident through the fault or negligence of another can turn your world upside down.  In addition to the physical and mental pain and anguish, you may lose time from work, be limited in your ability to do things you were able to do and enjoy before the accident and suffer other financial hardships.  Having strong and effective legal representation to pursue compensation for your losses from the responsible party and the insurance companies is essential to helping you get your life back to normal.  We help clients in all types of personal injury claims from automobile accidents, plane, ship, and train injuries, medical malpractice, slip and falls, product liability, workman's comp, and negligent security cases.
Call us to schedule your confidential consultation as to how we can help you.
   Doing business successfully requires the proper structure and organization to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.  Day to day transactions involve agreements and contracts with customers and third parties that need to be crafted with your best interests in mind.  We help business owners of all shapes and sizes concentrate on their core business of doing what they know best, while we take care of the legal requirements, issues, and planning required to keep their business operating efficiently.
If you are looking to start a business or have a legal issue with your existing business that you would like to discuss, call us for a free initial consultation to see how we may be able to help you.
Family Law, Criminal, Bankruptcy, Immigration
As a General Practitioner, in many ways I can assist you in many different legal matters, just as your Family Doctor would.  Life presents many different challenges, issues and concerns at different times, and having a trusted legal advisor that you can count on to provide direction, counsel, and sound advice is priceless.  I will help you and your family throughout, and if necessary will secure other attorneys that may specialize in a particular area of law to assist us in accomplishing your legal goals or solving your legal issue or problem.  Call me, let's get started.