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Real Estate Law Practice
Our Real Estate Law practice is extensive and we help our clients with may different types of legal issues relating to Real Estate. 
Buyers of Real Estate
When looking to buy a home, a condominium, a commercial property or an investment property there are many issues and considerations that you must account for to ensure that things work out as you hope.  The Real Estate contract is a legally binding document that sets forth the terms, conditions, duties, responsibilities , and potential liabilities of the parties.  It addresses many issues such as contract price, escrows, contingencies, financing, inspections, appraisals, surveys, commissions and fees, title insurance, and dates and timelines.  We regularly provide guidance and assist realtors and homebuyers in the preparation, negotiation, and interpretation of contracts to ensure that our clients understand and get the deal they are looking for.
Sellers of Real Estate
Selling a property also requires an experienced attention to the details of the transaction to ensure that the sale is consummated fairly and accurately.  We encourage all Sellers to retain their own attorney to protect their best interests rather than simply agreeing to use the Buyer's Title Company or Attorney to prepare your Seller documents, such as the Deed transferring title to the property, a Bill of Sale, and other affidavits.  The Buyer's Title company or Attorney will still charge you for these services, yet his primary interest is in serving his client the Buyer, not you as the Seller.  By retaining us to represent you on the Sale, you have your own attorney and pay the same or less in fees, yet receive the benefit of having your own representation.  We prepare your legal documents, we review the closing statements, we assist you in getting to closing.
Lenders and Investors
Deciding whether to loan money on a property or to invest in one requires a careful assessment of the risk involved versus the reward opportunity.  Preparing mortgages, notes, liens, and other documents and engaging in due diligence to protect and ensure repayment of the money you lend or invest is what we do. 
Short Sales and Loan Modifications
Owning a property that has lost value and has become a burden on you financially is very stressful.  Coming up with solutions to help remove the burden and restore your credit and help you move on financially is a process that requires constant attention and perseverance but when accomplished can provide you tremendous relief.  We work with Lenders everyday.  We know how to navigate through the different Lenders procedures and structures to get short sale contracts approved and closed.
Being served with Foreclosure papers by the Lender can be a traumatic experience.  Facing the risk of losing your home to the Lender creates turmoil in your life and raises many questions that you need answered.  When served with a Foreclosure complaint, you have 20 calendar days to retain an attorney and file an Answer with the Court.  We help counsel you and represent you in an effort to achieve the best result possible for you in your situation.
Quit Claim Deeds
Need to add a new spouse to the deed on your property?  Want to transfer your property to your revocable living trust?  Preparing a legally valid deed is important when you want to change ownership and requires that you understand the issues involved such as they relate to any underlying mortgages or encumbrances, property taxes, transfer taxes, and homestead exemptions.