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"We Get Your Real Estate Deals done right"

An attorney title and closing agent is essential in today's dynamic and ever evolving real estate market.  Today's real estate market is vastly different from the real estate market of just a few years ago and adapting to the continuing and constant changes is critical for any real estate purchase, sale, or project to be successful.

We are a full service law firm that has successfully handled thousands of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.  We write our title insurance policies with Attorneys Title Insurance Company- The Fund, underwritten by Old Republic Title Insurance Company, the largest and most comprehensive Title Underwriter in the country.
We take great pride in providing our clients with professional, friendly and responsive service to ensure that we do everything we can to get the file to closing.
There are many issues that potentially could prevent a transaction from closing.  Improperly recorded documents, foreclosure actions, city, county or municipality liens and/or code violations, property tax liens, association fee delinquencies or special assessments, impact fees, probate or divorce proceedings, subordination clauses,
escrow disputes, survey or appraisal issues, you name it the list can go on and on.
Based on our extensive experience and resources, we are known to be problem solvers who try to do everything we can to get a transaction to the closing table and finalized.  We represent buyers, sellers, lenders, builders, realtors, mortgage brokers and private investors.  We know the business of real estate and we know how to get your real estate deals done right.
If you'd like our assistance in getting your real estate deal done right, please contact us at (954) 440-2536.  Check out what people are saying about us in the Client Comments section.
We look forward to hearing from you.